First Analysis

_MG_1156Gaby is an incredibly active, bubbly and outgoing 87 year old woman. She has been very tenacious and confident throughout her whole life.

Wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, she is a woman with many qualities. However, and in spite of being so active, she has experienced different difficulties that come with old age. Her self-esteem has decayed because she can no longer do what she was used to. Gaby loved doing yoga all her life, but now she cannot do it anymore. 

Still, Gaby keeps something that fills her soul with good thoughts, her most precious treasure, the letters written by her husband and her family. These letters were sent to her many years ago, but she still keeps her “love letters” safe.

She deeply enjoys reading them and they bring back so many memories. To Gaby, these letters are the proof of so many years of feeling loved and appreciated, a feeling she still has today. Furthermore, Gaby loves sharing the stories that come to her mind when she reads the letters, this gives her great joy. 

Customised solution 

I created a collection of three decorative cushions, adorned with three of the most meaningful of Gaby’s letters. The aim of this collection is to help preserve her favourite letters longer in time, so she can show them off proudly to her family and friends. This way she can also look at them whenever she wants, continuously stimulating her memory.


Each cushion represents one of the most important letters in Gaby’s collection and each paragraph chosen reflects the incredibly loving feelings each writer was having when they wrote them.

The amazing effect these cushions have on Gaby is evident.

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Thank you so much to Gaby and her family for sharing with us their incredible life story and for letting us do our best in keeping Gaby happy and motivated a little bit more every day.




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