mg_1332Adelina is 88 years old. She lives with advanced Alzheimer’s and her speech and attention skills are very deteriorated. She is incapable of following instructions but her motor skills are still very good. She has got active hands and is capable of grabbing and manipulating objects. That is why the product designed for her focuses on feeling instead of thinking.

Adelina loves everything about birds. Her passion for birds started when she was younger, she used to have birds as pets and this made her love them immensely.

The product designed for Adelina is a Birds and Textures Book. This customised handmade book made with fabrics is a sensory stimulation tool that allows Adelina to interact with different images of birds, recreated with interesting colours and textures, helping her feel positive emotions through touch and sight.

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The impact of this book on Adelina is so positive she immediately felt like touching it after seeing it for the first time. After interacting with the different textures and images, it even stimulated her speech, and she expressed “how pretty” she thought the birds were.

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This is another proof that sensory stimulation keeps us alive, even when deterioration is advanced. Thanks a lot to Adelina’s daughter, for trusting us and allowing us to make this incredible gift for her.

Please feel free to contact the designer Adriana Machado for development of customised products. Write to or call (57)3004433702 or (574)2609750. Medellín, Colombia. National or international deliveries available.


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