marujaMrs. Maruja lives in Medellín, Colombia. She suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s disease. She loves buttons and pillows. Loves twisting, pulling and squeezing. She also loves jewellery and being the centre of atention.

I decided to design a stimulating jewellery collection. These pieces bring different types of stimulation for her and she really enjoys looking at different colours.

collar 1 collar 2

The evolution of Mrs. Maruja with the stimulating jewellery collection was amazing, so her family decided they wanted more products. I designed a stimulating hand warmer.

calientamanos maruja2

The latest addition to Mrs. Maruja collection of stimulating products was a Sensory Blanket. She spends her days exploring, twisting, pulling and squeezing these products while she spends time with her family.

manta 2manta 1manta 3

This is her sister Mrs. Alicia Salas, talking about the products designed for Mrs. Maruja. (Video in spanish)


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