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Mrs. Gabriela Echavarría is 92 years old. She was born in Ebejicó, a small town near Medellín, Colombia.

She suffers from semi-advanced dementia. However, she is still conscious about her surroundings, she still recognises her close family and enjoys sewing.

She also enjoys wearing aprons on her legs while she sits in front of the tv.

However, she is very active with her hands, she has developed the habit of scratching her face constantly leaving marks on her face.

Customised Solution

In order to help Mrs. Gabriela be in a constant stimulating environment and to keep her attention away from her face, I designed for her a kit of DIY aprons.

delantal 1-web

photo 1 (2)







Delantal 2-web photo 2 (2)






The main objective of this kit is for Mrs. Gabriela to keep sewing, which is what she loves and to look better while she does it. This way, her hand movements are in constant stimulation.

IMG_9030 copia

IMG_9028 copia

IMG_9012 copia


Another customer’s story that proves that customised sensory stimulation is the best way to keep someone’s brain active much longer.



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